Brent Muscat, born April 23, 1967, is a well known rock guitarist known for being a founder of Faster Pussycat and his stints in LA Guns among other bands; along with being a pioneer of the glam/sleaze-rock genre that became internationally popular during the 1980s

Born in Monrovia, California, the youngest of three sons, Muscat’s first instrument was the trumpet; but in his teen years switched to the guitar. It was still in high school where he met Taime Downe, Greg Steele, Eric Stacy and Mark Michals and formed Faster Pussycat. Part of the Muscat lore involves the band members showing up for Muscat’s high school graduation in full glam regalia.

Shortly thereafter Faster Pussycat signed with Elektra Records and released its debut in 1987, garnering attention for the songs “Bathroom Wall,” “Don’t Change That Song,” and especially for Muscat’s highly androgynous appearance. The band toured as the opener for numerous bands such as KISS and Motley Crue that year, and culminating in a well-received appearance in the seminal metal documentary, “The Decline of Western Civilization Part Two: The Metal Years.”

In 1989 the band released “Wake Me When It’s Over,” which quickly went gold and featured the popular ballad “House of Pain,” and became a number one video on MTV. The band continued its streak as a “special guest” for KISS and Motley Crue among others. Muscat also became involved in mentoring other bands including Blackboard Jungle.

It took three years for the band to release “Whipped,” which saw the band take on a darker, funkier sound with the songs, “Non Stop to Nowhere,” and “Body Thief,” the latter of which whose accompanying video was banned from MTVWhile on tour with KISS, the band was dropped from Elektra after the corporate musical tide turned towards grunge.  After a final tour in Japan, the band disbanded in 1993.

Muscat, with a streak of humility not usually associated with rock stars, decided to immediately go to work, serving coffee in a Starbucks, and working on numerous movies and music videos as a film camera loader. He also went back to school to study Japanese, becoming fluent in the language.  He also worked with fellow glam legend Phil Lewis of LA Guns, not only on Lewis’ solo projects but as a part of LA Guns for several years, and also the band Bubble.

In 2001 Muscat rejoined Downe and Steele in a revamped industrial –sounding version of Faster Pussycat. Fans were put off by the new sound, and Steele did not finish the tour. The band went back to its glam roots in 2003 and toured as part of the Metal Sludge Tour. Muscat posted a tour diary regarding the backstage shenanigans and drama surrounding the tour, which became necessary reading for fans of the band and the Metal Sludge website.

Muscat’s tenure in Faster Pussycat ended for good in 2005 when he was diagnosed with oral cancer necessitating the removal of a portion of his tongue, but he has been in remission ever since.  During that time, he and Downe became embroiled in a legal dispute over the ownership of the Faster Pussycat name, taking competing versions of   the band on the road.

Frustrated by the decline of LA’s music scene, Muscat moved to Las Vegas in 2005, where he formed the Sin City Sinners, a band whose notable members were Todd Kerns, Rob Cournoyer, and Zachary Throne. Muscat’s creation eventually became the city’s most popular rock band, winning several “Best of Vegas” awards, and featured numerous guest performers such as Sebastian Bach, Tracii Guns, and to the surprise of many, Taime Downe, who buried the hatchet with Muscat just in time for a Toys for Tots benefit. The band released five albums and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. A favorite cause for Muscat is St. Baldrick’s which helps children suffering from cancer.

In February, 2015, Muscat surprised many by announcing his departure from the Sin City Sinners, citing a need to broaden his horizons and create new musical ventures. Since then he has fronted Brent Muscat’s Vegas All Stars, which has played to capacity crowds in venues across Las Vegas including The Palms and The Hard Rock Café.

Fun Facts:

Has a rescue dog named Sweet Apple and a cat named Marvin.

Can read, write and speak Japanese.

Enjoys target shooting in the desert.

Favorite musical artist is Sly and the Family Stone

Worked as a camera loader for numerous films and music videos for artists such as Aaliyah.

Has helped raise more than $1 million for various charities in Las Vegas.

His birthday is officially Brent Muscat Day in Las Vegas.

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